March 1, 2017
We here at Fuzion Vapor are always looking for ways to increase production but still keep the hand crafted juice feel.  We bottle our product and ship it around the world and need bottle sizes from 10mL which are .5″ in diameter to 60mL which are 1.5″ in diameter and the WR5 won us over after the first try.  We bought one to test it out, and within 2 days decided to buy 2 more. it’s easy to use and with few moving parts it is fantastic to use inside our clean room.  Thank you again for this amazing product.
-Nathan, Fuzion Vapor  

February 21, 2017

We legit use this machine EVERY SINGLE DAY. It has been a Godsend for our company!

-Aimee, Wachusett Brewing Company



This machine is awesome! I’m a machinist of 44 years turned producer of candied jalapenos. I appreciate good tools, this is a great tool.
Easy setup with use of the youtube video led to every label going on perfect. Each one smooth and consistently spaced. Simply amazed and impressed.
Thank you for a product that does what it says.
-Mark, Production Manager

Works great! We have used it quite a bit already and it works great with all our labels! Your video is very helpful and from there it is very simple to set up and run. Simple and trouble free!
-John Lawrence, Distiller

[EasyLabeler]…is the best, least expensive option to label large and small cylindrical containers on the market anywhere in the world.
-David, Zap Labeler

The label machine arrived this morning and all I can say is WOW!! We got it set up and are very impressed with the results thus far!! It takes us about 10 seconds to do one bottle now, whereas before it would take almost a minute trying to get everything aligned properly by hand!!

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with my Easy Labeler machine. Took a little practice to figure out optimum performance, but I am now very quick with set up and application. This is WAY better than hand application, and I really think after all the research I did, I definitely found the best value. Trust me I searched a lot! What used to take us about three or more hours by hand now only takes about a half hour, if that. Thanks again.

I want to tell you that I LOVE my new labeler! I just got around to playing with it today and it works GREAT! I am in the process of opening a very small boutique winery and I myself just couldn’t bring myself to spend $1500 for one. Thank you soooo much! You rock! ; )
-Meg, Texas

The labeler was a life saver! Worked like a top! Thanks again!
-Daniel, Washington state

 Great job on the labeler. Well built and works great! Kudos. 🙂
-Matt, Arizona

The easy labeler is a great little machine! I just bought one and it works great. The shipping was super? fast and the support is great, i had a question and he got back to me right away. And you cant beat the price (trust me i tried).
-M.M., Minnesotta

I discovered Easy Labeler online when searching for a hands-on solution for labeling my organic skin care products. I was able to label over 10,000 units in less than 1 week, saving my business money and ensuring quality control. There is nothing greener than the Easy Labeler, a 100% savings on my electric bill.

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