About Roll Labels

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     When ordering your labels, label orientation is #3, Labels Out, Right Edge Leading. Standard 3″ Core (we can accommodate other core sizes).  Maximum diameter of the roll is 8 inches. We have a new option to increase the roll capacity to 12 inches for only $29. Please contact us to purchase or order on the Home page.

      Die cut labels apply more easily than butt cut labels because there is a space between die cut labels on the roll.  Butt cut plastic labels require more careful adjustments.

Having your roll labels printed can actually be cheaper than printing your own inkjet or laser labels in sheets, considering the cost of blank labels and the cost of toner or ink. When you factor in the cost of a printer and all the work, there’s no comparison. An affordable labeling machine just makes good business sense.       Click here for a chart of label orientation.

Labeling Machine Roll information                                    The width of the roll is not necessarily the width of your label. It will depend on the orientation of the label on the roll.


Labeling Info

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